Thank you Quincey

I didn't have a chance to thank you on Saturday and I want you to know how much I appreciated your leash class. I have been trying to walk with Maddie on a relaxed leash for a long time without success and at last I have skills to make this happen. We will keep practicing and hope to be in fine form when the Outdoor Adventure begins this spring.

Gerry Morisseau

Miss Prue

Prudence and I have attended classes at Best Paw Forward since March. Prudence is a very high energy young lady. Quincey and Sarah have helped me get Prue to focus and and have fun while learning. Most of the learning has been on my part. I have the intellectual knowledge but not the practical hands on knowledge for working with a high intelligence dog. Not only do I appreciate the positive approach to training, but their patience with me. And Prudence has shown a real aptitude for scent detection. I am grateful to all the wonderful people at Best Paw Forward. Thank you so much.

Sue Polachuk

Coco-Puff is shy no more!!!

The trainers at Best Paw Forward are the best. They really focus on each dog as an individual & accept them as they are, quirks and all. Coco-Puff started her training at 4 months - she is smart and picks things up pretty quick but she was so submissive, and thus nervous of all dogs, big or small. Our first class was at another school, the trainers were very nice, but no individual focus for the nervous dogs even the dogs rescued from terrible situations - no focus on confidence and that always goes along with learning for any species.
At Best Paw Forward when Robyn noticed how nervous Coco-Puff was with the bigger dogs she recommended the new Tiny Tykes class and suggested we start her off at Puppy Playtime - free play with dogs 25 lbs and under to try to break through her shyness. The first 3 Playtimes she hid under a stool at my feet and watched all the other dogs at play - with more classes, and Puppy Playtime she has really come into her own & has become much more confident. Now on class night she is scratching at the window of the car when we pull into the parking lot, and then pulling the leash to get in the front door to see all her 'friends' - it is amazing & truly warms my heart to watch her frolicking around with all her 4-legged buddies.
I just cannot say enough of about Robyn & the Best Paw Forward team. Everyone we have dealt with has been so positive, and so helpful. I look forward to more classes in the future.
Thank you Robyn, Micailyn, Quincey, Karen, Tressia and Sarah - you have all been so important in Coco-Puff's first year. We've looked around and you truly are the VERY BEST!

Kathryn Seaker

Best paw forward is a Nanaimo gem
It is so well run and so much fun, anyone with a new puppy or dog should take advantage of all they have to offer
Robyn and all her trainers are absolutely awesome

Pat and Dave Shelton

My canine First Aid training paid off

Hi Robyn,
Several months ago I took your canine first aid class. Last week, this training paid off and I probably saved the life of my daughter's dog, a choc lab named Hank. Hank is counter surfer and ate 3 cups of raisins and almonds, when no one was home. I discovered what he did some 3 hours afterwards. From your course I remembered that raisins are toxic to dogs, and can shut down their kidneys. I knew I had to induce vomiting right away, but did not have any hydrogen peroxide, so I knew I had to call the Vet immediately. Thanks to the vet and staff, he was received immediately and his stomach pumped and then force fed charcoal (pic). The Vet looked at me and said this amount of raisins could have killed him and good thinking on my part. Chills went through me when he said that. So glad I took your course. Thanks. Kevin in Victoria

Kevin Rumsey
Sustaineo Blue Consulting

Really Reliable Recall!

We have just recently completed the RRR class.... it was probably one of the most useful and fun classes that we have taken. Chelas still has his moments, but rarely and only due to certain triggers which we are still working on to disarm!!
We understand each other more now , and enjoy the games that are taught in the class to reinforce the positive behaviours.
I would Really Recommend Registering for Really Reliable Recall 🙂

Cathy Hutton

Always Something To Learn!

As a colleague of Robyn and her team at Best Paw Forward, I find they always have courses that help better me as dog professional, my business, my staff and I love taking the classes! I also see many classes that I would love to attend with my own dogs as we can always learn lots of new things in a fun environment and enjoy the fruits of our labour in some of our own adventures!
Keep the classes coming Robyn and Team!
Kim Sirett
Owner of Pooch Pack Adventures
And Abby, Dio and Poncho!

Turns out you can teach an old dog a new trick

Thank you so much for your help with our recent rescue, Trainer. We were resistant to some of your suggestions initially (like changing his name), but what you taught us not only worked but really helped us bond with this beautiful old guy. We'll sign up for more of your classes ourselves and recommend you to anyone, unreservedly.

Sue Rotto
Rotto Law

Wonderful Support

Our new puppy Sofie had so much fun in the Puppy classes and we learned so much and Sofie was able to socialize with the other puppies! We then signed up for Leash Skills class which again was a great time but we came out of that class with tons of knowledge. I think one of the most important things we learned in both classes was that training doesn't end when class is finished. These classes gave us great skills to continue to raise a well behaved and healthy puppy. Definitely looking forward to Confident Canine classes this summer!
Thanks so much!

Tracey and Reid Tibbitt

My kids can walk our dog!

I highly recommend Robyn and her all star team of trainers. Our training experience over the past six months has been life changing. Best Paw Forward has time and time again provided us with the personalized guidance and tools to work through our issues with Beau. By shedding light on why these 'negative' behaviours were occurring & what Beau was getting out of doing them, assisted in retraining US in how WE reacted - this was invaluable.  Robyn has also recommended other canine professionals (Balanced Paws Vet) who have also aided us and Beau to regain balance. Her knowledge base is professional and so realistic. Nine months ago we had a dog who literally wouldn't / couldn't go in the car, sleep, play, relax, eat, play with other dogs etc. Well, we just had our five year old walking Beau perfectly down at the waterfront. It's pretty sweet to have complete confidence in all of our abilities and we look forward to continuing our learning experience with Best Paw Forward. Words of gratitude are not nearly enough, Robyn. You’ve changed our whole situation here and we are all incredibly thankful.


Bisset family with Beau

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Best Paw Forward has a variety of classes for dogs of all ages. I have taken the Dogsafe Canine First Aid course, Leash Skills and Confident Canine and have been more than happy. It was great to see my 10 year old pup (and myself) get a refresher of how to work together and sharpen up habits/skills. The confident canine was by far our favorite class. Tink was scared of the vacuum and can now handle it going by her! Though we did not use vacuums in class, the class gives you tools to put to use in everyday situations whether your fur baby is 9 months or 12 yrs old.  The best part was seeing how her confidence grew over the class - this is a class I wish was available 10 yrs ago.  Robyn and her team have great passion and knowledge with pups, and have proven you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!! Thanks ladies. I would not hesitate to recommend the class for pups of ALL ages.

Lauren & Alana with Tink & Yeager

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