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There is universal agreement among experts that vaccines have controlled and prevented infectious disease in millions of animals. There is also agreement among a variety of veterinary associations that not all dogs should be vaccinated with all available vaccines. The “one size fits all” approach is thankfully, gone!

Disagreements may rise between veterinarians, however, about which vaccines and how often dogs should be vaccinated and this leads to confusion for dog owners. Traditionally, annual vaccinations were considered necessary, however, there is increasing evidence that duration of immunity for some vaccines is up to seven years.

At Best Paw Forward, we believe strongly that all dog owners should educate themselves about vaccinations so that they can make informed choices for their pets. As puppies can be more susceptible to certain diseases, we require 2 sets of the core vaccines for Puppy Class.

For the remainder of our classes, if you choose to vaccinate your dog, that the core vaccinations of canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies administered within the last three years. We will also accept serum antibody titer tests. If you choose not to vaccinate your dog based on an informed decision after discussion with your veterinarian, we want to support your informed decision and after discussing this with you, will most likely permit your dog.

At Best Paw Forward we do not require vaccines for Kennel Cough, Lymes disease and Giardia as they have the highest side-effect causing properties.

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