Puppy Development In Home Lesson

*See PACKAGE TRAINING to combine an in home lesson with Puppy Class!
We are the experts in raising puppies right and our goal here for an in home lesson is to bring that expertise out in the whole family, not just the new puppy. Everyone involved in the puppy’s life should also be involved in the training and that can be accomplished by an in home lesson with one of our trainers.

These lessons are tailored to your individual need, depending on the future path you and your dog will take. The following is an outline for what is typically covered in an in home lesson.

  • Crate & Potty Training
  • Bell Training for bathroom breaks
  • Chewing, biting and nipping
  • Diet, feeding and how to’s
  • Digging, Jumping up, Barking
  • What to do with puppy energy
  • Focus work on each person
  • All involved learn how their dog learns best
  • Anything else you want to cover!

Our mission is to teach both you and your puppy good habits instead of having to break the bad ones later! Your new puppy will grow into adult size and strength in just four short months. This is your opportunity to influence what your dog becomes – training begins as soon as your puppy is home!

These lessons can be arranged at any time, please give us a few options when you email to set up an in home lesson. If you have a new puppy we strongly recommend the New Puppy Program OR The Perfect Puppy in 1 Year which you can read about on our Package Training page. Most of our puppy students are in one of these packages. We look forward to encouraging you and your pup to put your Best Paw Forward!

Puppy Kindergarten 7 Weeks - $185
Recommended age: under 20 weeks. Best to start between 12-15 weeks old 
*Small breeds are welcome in Puppy Kindergarten up to 6 months of age

*Have a large puppy over20 weeks old? Basic Manners (CORE training) is the right fit for you!
**Class included in 2 Training Packages

Upcoming Start Dates (7 weeks)
Jan 28th, Mondays 4:20pm – full
Jan 31st, Thursdays 6:40pm – full
Feb 7th, Thursdays 5:30pm
Feb 19th, Tuesdays 5:30pm
Feb 25th, Mondays 6:40pm
Mar 3rd, Sundays 9:30am
Mar 6th, Wednesdays 6:40pm

Welcome to Nanaimo’s most popular Puppy Class!
Let us help get you and your puppy started off on the right paw with our Foundation Puppy Kindergarten Course. It is a life skill for your young dog to learn and develop in a stimulating environment and Puppy Classes will make all future training much easier. This course is designed to help socialize your puppy with new sounds, situations, people, kids and other puppies. *Just the first two sets of puppy vaccines are required to begin class

A few of the critical lessons we cover:

  • Foundation behaviors including sit, down, stay, recall and loose leash walking
  • Focus on owner and ignore distractions. An essential skill to learn right away!
  • Safe & appropriate socialization techniques with adults, children and other dogs
  • Learn how to properly and effectively play with your dog and incorporate it into your training
  • Training based on your puppy’s individual personality. We’ll help you bring the best out of your puppy and start you on the path you are taking together for the next 10+ years!

All classes come with homework instructions to guide you through your home practice.
Sign up for Nanaimo’s best puppy class today – and take a look at our Facebook page for pictures of our puppy graduates!

How to choose the right dog for you Free Seminar

Next 2hr Free Seminar

Bringing a new dog into our home is an exciting decision and one that, if we make the right choice, will bring years of joy into our lives. But there’s actually a lot to think about before we make our final choice. Should we choose an adult dog or a puppy? Do we want a purebred or mixed breed dog? Should we go to a breeder or a rescue group? These questions are really just the starting point. There’s a lot of information available to help you make the right choice for you, but sometimes it is hard to read between the lines.

To get some tips from experienced trainers who have worked with hundreds of dogs between them, come and join Robyn and Sarah for a free two-hour workshop on How to Choose the Right Dog for You. We hope that by sharing our experience, both as trainers and pet owners who have made this journey ourselves, we can help you to find a canine companion that suits you and your lifestyle, and will bring you joy for years to come.