Private Training / Behavior Modification

Private lessons can be booked in your home or at the training center. Please fill out the form below with some details of what you would like help with. The more information we have on your dog’s history, behaviour and challenges, the better prepared we will be to give you the best and most complete information possible. Please also provide us with the days and times that everyone involved in the training can be available so we can start the change of your dogs bad habits into good ones as soon as possible.

If your dog has a history of severe reactivity, aggression, or biting, please contact us via phone with the details. We can then assess whether one of our trainers can help you or if you would be better served by a referral to a local Dog Behaviourist that we work closely with and trust in the methods used.


Private Training Inquiry

  • If you wish to work with a specific trainer, please enter her name here
  • A brief description of training issues you are having and what you are looking to accomplish in your training session
  • Please provide us with some options of days and times during which you and everyone involved in your dog's training are available.